ProdPress lets developers build bigger and better products with WordPress.

👌 Free and Open Source

🐘 Use Model View Controller (MVC) with WP

⚡️ Build with any front-end, from vanilla to reactive

👉 Simple router for custom URLs in your app

🔌 Create your own API and use it anywhere

🤩 Made for WordPress developers

ProdPress is an application framework that works alongside any WordPress theme. Use your existing WordPress skills to build products.

MVC pages can be automatically accessed once they are created in the controller file using the following URL format:


🔗  [site url] / [controller file] / [controller method]



You can also set custom urls in the file config.php where we can control the url router.

🛠 Developer Tools built in

Use npm dependency manager to look after your libraries.

Gulp pre-processing makes automating your jobs a breeze.

👷‍♀️ Extend with Modules

Build modules that can be used across projects and use the same format as your main app, using the following format:

🔗  [site url] / mvc_module_route=[module name] / [controller file] / [controller method]

🎛 Settings

Custom URLs can be managed in


🤝 Theme Integration

MVC App works with any theme. You will need to setup wrappers to work with your theme. Have a look at your themes index.php file. Find the wrappers there and add to the views/wrappers folder.